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Reporting a Rogue Trader

Through the press, television and other media, 'rogue trader' has become a familiar term and one that may summon a particular type of person. But who really are rogue traders? Rogue traders are any 'company' or individual who offers services on the doorstep, often with little or no means of identification, and go on to fleece or rip off their victims.

Like distraction burglars, rogue traders will knock on the door, saying they are working in the area, and will point out something like a loose tile on the person's roof or that their drive needs resurfacing. They grossly over charge and then come back again and again, taking more money each time. They may even charge without completing the work.

The victims

Victims are often vulnerable, elderly and/or isolated people who know nothing of these scams and so are trusting of anyone who is friendly or seems knowledgeable and genuine. After they have become a victim, they often feel ashamed and/or scared and so don't tell anyone. This not only means the original scam goes unreported but it also makes it easy for the rogue trader to return for more.

The stress of the victim's shame or fear may also go on to cause physical or mental health problems. And even if the traders are reported they are often untraceable as they will have given the victim false contact details or none at all.

Through our work with the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Distraction Burglary & Rogue Traders Task Force, we are aware that rogue trader incidents is one of the most unreported crimes and, in order to get more accurate statistics, we need you to report any incidents that either you, or someone you know, has experienced with bogus callers or rogue traders who call at your door.

To do this telephone 101 and ask for your Local Crime Reduction Officer. Alternatively, please report it by completing the form at the following link (the information you provide will only be shared with the Citizen's Advice Bureau and Trading Standards):-

Report a Rogue Trader

If you live within the PE Postcode area, we would also be really keen to hear about your experience. Once you have completed the form above, please provide some details to us below:-


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